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Guys with swim trunks! Look at those abs and flat stomach…

This is the updated version~ I’ve done some photoshop on Mamo’s since everyone been wondering where is he~~ Enjoy!

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    Dreamy Days in West Tokyo 

    I didn’t want to have tons of scattered pics so I edited a bunch of pics into one. So this is the guys from when they were kids all the way to season 3. Enjoy!! :)

    Gotta catch em all~ *u*

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  • Loki’s CG Gallery ღ part ii

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    ever wanted to do some stuff? like, different stuff? tired of having to scroll through your huge ref tag? LOOK NO FURTHER!! Have a masterpost of LITERALLY EVERYTHING which took me 5 hours to make so reblog it


    A mouth-watering fuck-ton of potentially useful links.

  • Voltage Birthday List


    So I just missed the birthdays of two of my favorite Voltage guys one right after another (Joshua and Kenshi) because I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS THEIR BIRTHDAYS, and I was super bummed because I would have liked to do a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for both of them.  After talking to some of the girlies in the otome chatroom last night who felt the same way, I decided to put together a little birthday list to give us a heads up on our favorite dudes’ birthdays.  The birthdays listed below were either published in an official Voltage fanbook or on their Facebook page. This is not a comprehensive list, as I wasn’t able to find anything on the MFW, PIL, DDIWT or SITSC guys, and the best I could find for the AKD hotties is their astrological signs. If you know of any of the other guys birthdays, let me know!  I’ll then reblog this once a month to remind everyone of upcoming birthdays so you can prepare fanarts/fics/whatevs.

    Also, if you would like me to create a birthday list of those of us in the fandom, let me know, and I can create one with each person’s birthday and bias! That way we can create gifts for each other if so inclined cuz we tight that way.

    January 3 – Atsumu Kashiwabara

    January 11 – Koji Nagumo

    January 31 – Joshua Lieben

    February 1 – Kenshi Inagaki

    February 4 – Saeki Takemasa

    February 16 – Satoru Kamagari

    February 18 – Mizuki Fujisaki

    February 22 – Keith Alford, Shota Kurumi

    February 24 – Kiyoto Makimura

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    T - 1, Issei Sezaki - To Have and to Hold You in My Arms Forever

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    Psst~ they are transparent.
    Orginial Image Source : mocu

  • Our Two Bedroom Story - Chiaki Yuasa


    tagged by cattiepon \o/


    1.Name: Nica (only a nickname. My real name is Bianca /A\)

    2.Birthday: Sept 6

    3.Favourite number(s): 26~

    4.Height: 5ft flat 😄

    5.Talents: Err… I can sing, dance, draw and derp around Tumblr?? D:

    6.Can you juggle?: Nope

    7.Art/Sports/Both: Only art. /sucksatsports

    8.Do you like writing?: Yep ;w;

    9.Do you like dancing?: Somewhere in the middle. Haha :3 

    10.Do you like singing?: Yeah. Especially jap songs /or just depends on my mood


    1.Dream vacations: TAKE ME TO JAPAN \o/

    2.Dream guy/girl: Someone who works hard and really good at something (like my bf he’s good at any games ;-;)

    3.Dream wedding: Garden wedding

    4.Dream pet: A fluffy dog

    5.Dream job: Famous designer 8D


    1.Favourite song: Love songs!

    2.Favourite album: PINK TAPE of f(x)

    3.Last song you have heard on the radio: Idk. Probably an old song..

    4.Least favourite song: P-POP or anything that makes my ears bleed

    5.Least favourite artist: n/a

    6.Least favourite album: n/a


    1.Guys/Girls/Both: Guys

    2.Hair colour: Something that suits him. ;w;

    3.Eye colour: Brown or blue would be nice 

    4.Humorous/serious: Humorous

    5.Biggest turn off: Gets mad at you when late but he’s late himself, doesn’t care about his hygiene

    6.Biggest turn on: Sweet, caring, relies on me, shows side that he doesn’t show infront of others (like the cutesy clingy haha), idk too many to mention.

    Taggingggg akiyoshis tsumoris nanasharu voltagechris sakura-diamond20 /idk who to tag anymore ;w;

  • Ota Kisaki - The “Angelic Artist”

  • lucy-lieben:

    Soryu Oh — stay by my side - come closer

    A belated birthday present for tan-zanite :*

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