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シャルル執事 by ねこか

Permission to reprint was given by the artist.

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  • otomesweetheart:

    Cute Louis moment for completing a princess gotcha

    I’m obsessed with the butlers

  • So, first of all, hi everyone! ♡ First of all, I would like to let you know how amazing you all are. It’s hard to believe I actually got to 300 followers! I remember thinking how hard it was to get people to follow our blog when I first started on tumblr ages ago and you all are making my tumblr experience amazing in many aspects! 

    Also, I’m very sorry for not having updated much during my finals month and for being so slow to finish all the requests >: But you guys still follow me! And feel free to request me stuff, I love doing things for you guys! 

    I really wanted to make the picture thingy with Chikage but I couldn’t seem to get anything with a picture of him that looked good enough for this, so I ended up using a picture of Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoi c: (but I still have some Chikage for you ~~~!)

    So, let’s get started! 

    Old friends of mine, who I love A LOT and wish to always be friends:

    Amazing people I met thanks to tumblr and that I wish to share a lot more of fun conversations and be friends for a long time:

    Amazing people I met recently on tumblr or that I didn’t get the chance to talk that much, but that I would love to talk more and get to be good friends:

    People that I secretly stalk and would love to talk to and be friends with: 

    + blogroll, because everyone I follow is amazingly amazing ♡!

    THERE YOU GO, some Chikage! ( and please note that the quote is the same that Balder used in Kamigami no Asobi episode 11 ;-;)

  • Joshua NO
    inspired by the Takkun gif. I can’t find it tho ;__;

  • watashi-kathy asked: just wanted to drop by and tell you that i love your blog! you're one of my favorite people on tumblr ~ >w<

    Omg you’re so sweet D; Thank you so much dear :3 /w\

  • shizukan:

    Free! :: Boys + Ice Cream
  • wai93:

    Alan J. Casiraghi Chibi (Be My Princess)

    Requested by anon

    I will post Cathy’s chibi next…

    Other Chibis

    Shion and Aslan



  • asiansmurfette:

    💭 Dreamy Days In West Tokyo
    (This is too hot! 😍🙈🙉
    Couldn’t find one for Haru when he’s young…)

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